It’s been nearly 10 years, but I still remember when I was diagnosed with Fibroids. I’d been experiencing intense pain during my periods and excessive bleeding for quite some time. But I put it down to ‘periods are supposed to be painful’ right? The heavy bleeding on the other hand was a different matter altogether. This impacted all aspects of my life which many people don’t fully understand. So I went to see my doctor, and I told him about the pain and the bleeding. He didn’t seem to have any answers for me. But luckily he did send me to A&E for a scan. I really don’t know what I was expecting, but what came next was a complete shock. The consultant on shift was a woman, I don’t remember her name or what she looked like. But I will never forget how cold she was towards me. The scan lasted a few minutes. At the end of it these were her exact words. “You’ve got Fibroids. The only way to cure it is to have a Hysterectomy”. That was it. No explanation about what had caused these Fibroids to develop, or any comforting advice on how I could heal my womb. I was to become infertile and I just had to accept it.

I was 37 and still had the hope of having children up until that point. I remember calling my cousin to come and meet me at the hospital, and just crying the whole time. The prognosis seemed so bleak. Either continue to bleed out and be in excruciating pain each month, or lose your womb. I recall as a teenager overhearing conversations about Fibroids. But no one had ever spoken to me directly about it, or explained what they are and why so many women in my family seem to have them. My aunts, my cousins, my mother, we all had them. But everything was hush hush, taboo. It was almost like a rite of passage ‘you have Fibroids, join the club’. So when I was referred to a ‘Fibroid Specialist’ and was told that ‘Fibroids are Hereditary’ I believed them. Because no one had told me any different.


I spent the next two years on an NHS waiting list. Seeing different doctors and consultants who offered little to no hope of me keeping my womb. But these two years were extremely valuable. Why? Because it allowed me to do vital research into Holistic Healing, and see first hand the lack of knowledge that medical professionals have when it comes to Fibroids. I was also not immune to the discrimination that many Black and Brown women face, who have Fibroids and seek treatment with the NHS.  My healing journey has not been an easy one, and because of this I want to bring awareness to this condition. I chose not to believe the lie that healing only comes by having surgery or by being on medication for life. But instead I chose to dive deeper into my intuition, that was telling me ‘there’s a better way’. I wish I had had someone like myself who could have shared this knowledge, and supported me through what felt like a minefield at times. Because the truth is, the body knows how to heal itself you just need to provide the right environment.

The information I share is to support women who are suffering from Fibroids. Women who feel let down by medical professionals when it comes to Fibroids treatment. Women who want to learn more about natural remedies, how the mind body and soul are connected, and that surgery to remove the Fibroids symptoms is not their only option. To The Root aims to provide women with the Holistic Healing tools that will allow them to take back their power and heal from the root. You can learn more about some of the natural herbs that supported me throughout my healing journey, by downloading the free guide How To Balance Your Hormones


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Hi my name is bianca. I developed fibroids over 10 years ago. At the time knowledge of how to heal the root cause was non-existent, with a hysterectomy being the only solution. Through my own research, guidance from holistic doctors and healing practitioners I began my healing journey to heal my body. I now want to share this valuable information with other women who have developed fibroids, to show them that there is hope beyond surgery or chemicals.


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