Have you ever felt like this? As much education and experience that Doctors have, sometimes conventional medicine just doesn’t quite meet the mark. Well, that has been my journey dealing with Fibroids. No cure, no relief, NADA. Its either synthetic hormones or major surgery, at least according to the ‘Specialists’ in Gynaecology. We can put a man on the moon, and bring in a new era of Ai but we still don’t understand the inner workings of the Human Body outside of surgery and medication. This outdated belief has never sat well with me. So when I stumbled upon Sound Healing it felt like I was coming home. Although to begin with I did fight it, It changed so many things for me. Not only did it help to reduce my stress levels, soothe my nervous system, but as a result of lowering my Cortisol Levels it also helped to shrink my Fibroids. Let me tell you all about it.

I have tried everything apart from removing your entire womb! Restrictive diets, excessive exercise, miracle tablets, reducing toxin overload and a Myomectomy. Nothing worked. The Fibroids were still sitting there, making themselves at home like unwelcome guests and growing at an alarming rate. I was caught in a loop of practically begging for help that didn’t involve cutting away a part of my anatomy and getting silence in terms of options. Conventional medicine and I were not vibing, to say the least. I am their worst nightmare, a woman that wants to understand the root cause and will advocate for herself at all costs. I strongly believed that if your body can create disease then your body can also heal disease, you just need to provide the right environment. I was looking for something that aligned with my spirit, and didn’t leave me feeling like a medical science experiment.

Enter Sound Healing. Sure, I’d heard of it before. But it always sat in that category of ‘Other’ and quite frankly it was a little too woo woo for me. But whilst aimlessly scrolling through TikTok one evening I heard a sound that made my whole body stand to attention. Some how the vibrations were working through my phone and quite clearly saying ‘this is for you’. It wasn’t just a tranquil sound thats supposed to relax you, this was like a whole other universe where the sound was working on a deeper level to heal me. For once the focus wasn’t just on cutting away the symptom (Fibroid) but realigning what was out of balance internally. True to form I initially wanted to dismiss this as logically this didn’t make sense. Let me just provide you with some context. If you were to look up skeptical in the dictionary you would see a picture of my face. ‘Make It Make Sense’ is my favourite phrase. So the fact that my body was responding to a Sound Healing did not sit well me, because I couldn’t explain why. However, over the coming weeks and months I kept being drawn back to it. It soothed my soul, mind and body when the pain medication failed and my nervous system was hanging on by a thread. Simply put, sound healing is like having a good friend that knows exactly what to say when you’re feeling down, except it’s all done through sound frequency.

I think that Nikola Tesla said it best ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration’. As strange as it may sound, sound healing will actually tune out the noise and bring in positive vibes. As a chronic over thinker this was the biggest relief for me. The vibrations connected with me on a deeper level and literally sort through the mess. Pressing the off button so to speak, so that I was able to reset and give everything that had been on high alert a break. Since COVID I’ve noticed that their has been a massive shift towards holistic healing modalities. Although I started off as a sceptic with sound healing I think this shift is great because we’re all becoming a lot more aware of just how amazing the human body is. That true womb health does not come in the form of a synthetic pill, or invasive surgery, but how to attune the mind, body and soul.

When it comes to what the sound frequencies work on within your body, its effectively energy. I know many people will probably roll their eyes at this point (I know I did). Because unfortunately anything that we can’t physically see usually has limited credibility in our minds. Unless we can feel its effects it tends not to have much significance. This illusion had already been busted wide open for me and so I become a reluctant believer. I began listening to specific Sound Healers on a daily basis to help reset my nervous system. Sharon from Mana Soultribe is one of them. This lady has a genuine gift for healing (as we all do) but her willingness to share it so generously so that everyone can find healing is commendable. Based in the Netherlands, she has brought a sense of peace to so many women and men across the world via social media. Not only do we listen to the sounds but she teaches us about the chakras, somatic movement and builds a much needed community online.

Just like music, you have to find the right Sound Healer that resonates with you. The way I do that is by listening to my body. If its just a collection of pretty sounds but my body don’t respond I move on. However, if the sounds tap into a deeper level that resonates with my mind, body and soul, then I surrender. As a woman with Fibroids and Iron Deficiency Anemia their have been days when I’m in excruciating pain, or periods where life has been an uphill struggle. During these times Sound Healing has saved me from spiralling into despair. Its something that I wish more women (especially women of colour) with Fibroids were open to. The understanding that dealing with the physical symptoms is only half the job. The real healing begins when you get down and dirty at the root level of why the Fibroids developed in the first place. There are many theories, many are misleading. But my belief is that chronic stress is at the heart of so many modern diseases. Fibroids is no different. When you remove the stress, you lower the cortisol, your hormones balance out, the cravings for salty or sweet foods (normally processed) reduce because you’re not in a constant state of stress so you’re able to make better decisions, now your hormones are balanced your digestive system is working better so you’re able to detox the excess estrogen, your sleep has improved, you are no longer depressed or anxious and the Fibroids are shrinking. Voilà!

Truly I feel like I’ve unlocked a secret level in a game when it comes to Sound Healing for Fibroids. I want to be able to share it with as many women as possible. But healing the root of your health concerns isn’t just about listening to some nice sounds and then going right back to the patterns and behaviours that caused it. You have to be willing to do the work; it’s an epic journey of syncing up every part of you. Think about it – your brain gets to chill, your body gets to relax, and your soul can finally speak. This is when you healing begins. If you’ve tried all the things and you’re still at square one I’d encourage you to try one more thing; SOUND HEALING.


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Hi my name is bianca. I developed fibroids over 10 years ago. At the time knowledge of how to heal the root cause was non-existent, with a hysterectomy being the only solution. Through my own research, guidance from holistic doctors and healing practitioners I began my healing journey to heal my body. I now want to share this valuable information with other women who have developed fibroids, to show them that there is hope beyond surgery or chemicals.


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